Critical Reflection on Project

Working on the project with two fabulous ladies, Hazel and Szemin, has been a great joy and pleasant experience. As we are all specialising in the Meetings, Incentive, Conferences, Exhibition (MICE) industry, the decision to explore the workplace and social etiquette in the related specialised field was made by mutual consent, and it served as a great start!

As I was working on the project, I feel that the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) was extremely applicable to the people-oriented industry as it involves many human interactions that may occasionally result in inevitable disagreements. Not only it made me realised how useful TKI is, the five concept modes (Competing, Collaborating, Compromising, Avoiding & Accommodating) is also extremely universal and can affect our daily lives too. If we could pay more attention to learning about these concepts and of course, applying it in real life, we will be better equipped to handle conflicts in lives, which is unavoidable at times!

While doing research for this project, I was also surprised that many working professionals out there are in fact, not entirely ‘professional’ in regards to workplace etiquette. Though with my work experience, I always knew there is no such thing as a 100% healthy working relationship within a working environment. I never thought that the statistics have shown that workplace etiquette was generally poorly observed and resulted in many unnecessary conflicts, and worse still, poorly managed. So after finishing the project, I hope that I will take note of some key social and workplace etiquette to observe to minimise any potential conflict. Else, TKI could come to good use to resolve any workplace conflict when it comes. Best of all, it will be a lifelong skill to apply in my personal life as well.

Now that CPD has come to an end, I am very thankful for Brad being a fantastic lecturer in imparting his knowledge and giving his honest, timely feedback every week without fail. What Brad has taught me was not just textbook context but also an applicable long-standing wisdom in life. Thank you, Brad!


One thought on “Critical Reflection on Project

  1. Dear Jenson,

    Thank you for this detailed, heartfelt reflection on the CPDII research project and for the various accolades. I’m glad you felt that much of the learning in your research and from the related CPD concepts (such as TKI) was useful. It also warms my heart that you and your team were able to achieve such great synergy.

    I do hope you can transfer some of the skills and know-how learned or polished in CPDII to your future study and work.

    Finally, I have appreciated your many contributions to the class and your high motivation for learning, Jenson. It was always good to hear your ideas since you were able to reference so much of your own real-world experience and to leverage your positive, constructive energy.

    All the best as you continue the next leg of your learning journey!

    Let’s stay in touch 🙂



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